We are constantly on the hunt for undeserved market areas with high transaction volumes and undifferentiated channels that deliver margin growth.


EMCO is a dynamic enterprise in an ever-changing macro environment, its investment philosophy has been molded to best find the permutation that yields the highest output.


We are constantly evaluating our growth strategy, our options, the competitive landscape and the industry landscape in order to keep with the changing times.

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About Us

EMCO Trading Ltd, commenced as a mid-level recruitment agency. Today, the business holds its core focus in retail, real estate and offering virtual space for startups and new businesses.

Our Research Philosophy

As a single channel business is no longer considered conducive, EMCO has strives to have a presence both online and in stores with multiple consolidations.

Our Investment Philosophy

The Investment phase is a centralized function and it gives a birds-eye view of the organization, which in turn helps us to better understand the factors that may prove to be advantageous or disadvantageous to the business

Our Growth Philosophy

With our mergers in the retail industry comes an immediate diversification in the products, services and the long-term opportunities for our business