Hakamo is a multi award winning wholesaler dedicated to continually sourcing and distributing only the best baby, nursery and toy brands to independent retailers. We stock approximately 80 award winning global brands and licences of which many are on an exclusive U.K. basis and together offer retailers access to approximately 2,500 product lines. Our on site warehousing is efficiently run, offering a carefully picked, well packed, quick dispatch of orders to both UK based stores and 65 countries with tailored transport modes including road, air and sea. We also offer great perks such as loyalty credit, volume discounts and ongoing promotions in addition to specific packing or paperwork requirements retailers may have for orders. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations with exceptional attention to detail aided by great prices, order processing, dispatch, receipt of goods and aftercare. You can learn more about us and see our office and warehouse by watching our corporate video here. If you would like to work with us you will need to register online with us for an account with a minimum of a dedicated website and or physical shop. Please try to upload as much information as possible while registering in order for us to immediately open an account for you, otherwise we will need to contact you for further information in order to confirm and verify that you are a genuine retailer and a representative of the registering company. At the heart of our ethos is commitment to good business practice, care and understanding in providing the tools and support to serve the retailer sector with excellence.

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